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Watermelon Tourmaline Crystals

$ 250

Watermelon Tourmaline slice , bi-color tourmaline crystals , 100 carat lot # 4

This stunning bi-color watermelon tourmaline crystal is a true treasure of nature! Its unique blend of pink and green colors creates a beautiful watermelon-like effect, making it a highly sought-after crystal among collectors and energy workers.

This crystal is said to combine the energies of both pink and green tourmaline, promoting emotional healing, heart-based issues, and a deep sense of calm and balance. Its bi-color pattern is believed to represent the harmony and balance that can be achieved when we integrate our emotional and spiritual selves.

Each crystal is carefully hand-selected and cleaned to ensure its natural beauty and energy remain intact. Use this crystal in your meditation practice, grid work, or simply keep it nearby to absorb its peaceful and uplifting energy.


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